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considering home

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

First blog post ever. Home post, port, anchor, root.

I've considered the idea of home and refuge for many years in my work, but what does it mean to refer to a place as home?

This is on my mind as I am traveling to my small home town of Yellow Springs, Ohio(pop. 4,500ish) for the first time in 10 years. Is it still home if your house, your friends are re-created somewhere else? Can it still be home if you are never there?

The answer for me may be literally in the dirt.

I will search out the old copper beach tree, with its elephant knee roots (those roots were such a comfortable place to cry or confess love).

I will search out a particular rock I loved to sit on by the Glen creek, and the wide stretch of grass inhabited by an old ampitheater (alone, late at night, I used to sing my heart out there to no one).

More than anything

I just want to walk and feel the streets and paths, letting my mind wander to a time when wandering was a part of daily life.

detail, roots and wires. tape on paper, 18"x 24"

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