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"In Knots" work in Gems III exhibition opening tomorrow at Arts Benicia

Happy to have two pieces from the "in knots" series in a juried exhibition at Arts Benicia-curated by Ruth Santee from Transmission Gallery in Oakland. Had a chance to see the show and meet Ruth last night, was impressed by both the work in the show and the vibrancy of the Arsenal Studio community. I had the chance to present about my two works, From One to Another and Degrees of Separation, and the themes of that series, in short: ancestory, domesticity, connection and life's fragility.

It turns out the domestic theme in my work was the most compelling element to the curator, as other work in the show also has domestic touches. It's funny to me, because the domestic element, the thread, is not an homage to domestic life but actually a wrestling with it, my way of replacing a practical domestic task with a (somewhat less practical) abstract art piece.

Also, in the first piece below, From One to Another, she saw the connecting thread as an antenna or telephone pole. While that was not an intentional depiction, I have used that imagery in another piece--Roots and Connections--I guess it's in my subconsious vocabulary.

It was helpful to be surrounded by creative people and their work, and reminded about the necessity to continue with creative action, to continue with life amidst the tragedies. Most nights lately I have watched the news with a heavy heart, and felt frozen with sadness. But I felt reminded last night that freezing doesnt help anyone: it is the opposite of action and the world needs our creative actions and our working towards connection as a way to affirm life and bring us closer to our humanity.

Peace, Andrea

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